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Recommended Deals - What You Need To Know
  • Calls are rated on a per minute basis for an apples-to-apples comparison between plans. This means that it doesn´t matter if a service provider´s call rates are per second, per 30 second or per minute. You get a balanced view irrespective. However, if you frequently make calls that last less than 1 min, you would get more value on a plan that has per second billing. And this difference keeps reducing as your calls get longer.
  • Some plans come with included minutes in addition to included value. Here we convert these minutes to their equivalent dollar value to make it easy to compare different plans.
  • Voice calls are assumed to be 3 mins on average
  • Voicemail calls are assumed to be 1 min on average.
  • The search analyser uses average values to work out the numbers.

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